Resumé of Cindy D Chinn – Artist


The Center Of Creativity – Chester, NE.
Founder- 2006 through present

As an artist, I found I needed more studio space to create bigger and better pieces. A new building was purchased and we moved the company to Nebraska where The Center Of Creativity was started. With 30,000+ sq’ of studio space and soon to be, Artist Retreat, the CoC is in the development stages and will offer classes in many mediums but currently excepts commissions for a wide variety of custom designs, in many different mediums. With the larger space and having studios permanently setup, I have been able to expand my creativity by combining many mediums into one project, allowing me to offer my clients unique artwork in the same amount of time.

The Art Department – Las Vegas, NV. / Chester, NE
Owner- 1988 through 2006

I have been freelancing for many years doing anything from web design to sculpting. Please take a look at my online portfolio to get an idea of the range of my talents and experience. I have an excellent reputation for getting the job done and trouble shooting design issues and challenges. With my versatile background and well rounded knowledge of many art forms, over the last few years I have worked on projects such as, animated light shows, web design, t-shirt design, interior design, themed rooms and environments, custom marble mosaics, one of a kind life sized sculptures, miniature sculptures, murals, wearable art, corporate identity packages, iPod covers, slot machine graphics and game play, signage, theatrical props, costumes, waterfalls, and much more. My clients are from both the private and business sectors. I have much experience in working with people of different backgrounds and cultures and am able to satisfy my clients needs in a timely manner.

The Art Institute of Las Vegas, NV
Instructor- 2000 through 2001

I taught classes in Photoshop, Illustrator, Printing and Production, Basic Layout and Design, After Effects, and Director. The Art Institute is a private accredited college. I also sat on the Advisory Board.

Up in the Air Productions\UITA– Las Vegas, NV
Director- 09/97 through 10/00

The Golden Nugget wanted to start an in-house production company to produce the light and sound shows for the Fremont Street Experience (FSE). I was referred by Louis Castle of Westwood Studios to be the Director of this company, Up in the Air Production or UITA. I setup the office, selected the equipment, hired the staff and was instrumental in making UITA what it was, a successful production company.
We produced 5 to 8 minute animated features using 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, and AfterEffects, just to name a few of the programs. We developed the concepts, story boarded the ideas, produced the graphic assets and finalized the productions. Along with directing and producing the audio we also helped the FSE with marketing graphics and promotional merchandise. I was responsible for running the department and working with the approval committees. As well as compositing all of the productions in AfterEffects, producing most of the 2D backgrounds and animations, presentations, and scheduling of the staff and productions. Occasionally, I would dive into MAX to make adjustments to animations or setup rough movement. The department was dissolved in October of 2000 when new owners took over.

CDS Gaming – Las Vegas, NV.
Director of Interactive Video Graphics- 02/97 through 08/97

CDS offered me an opportunity that I thought was going to be more of a cross between Westwood Studios and Sigma Game: to staff, equip, and develop the VIG division. While there, I researched and directed interactive game development and its technology. I oversaw the setup of the network and rendering farm for 3D and 2D art production. I was directly involved in the casting, scripting and directing of all video productions. I was responsible for the compositing and editing, including sound. I helped with the development of interactive CD’s and the website.
In short, I led a team of five artists and technical people in the production of all Signature pieces from concept and presentation, to final production. My other duties included directing the layout and art production of all video poker and slot screens, and building the scale models of sets and themed environments for BOD presentations.

Sigma Game – Las Vegas, NV.
Art Director- 01/96 through 02/97

I was hired at Sigma to rebuild the Art Department. To bring Sigma up to current industry standards, I researched graphics related technology and upgraded all systems. I setup a network and file server to aid in art production and file archiving. While at Sigma, we saw an increase of glass designs from 5 per year to over 30 per year. I scheduled and oversaw the completion of all in-house production art generated by my team of three artists. As well as directed outside vendors in the development of new game designs and to the final production of all slot machine glass and other graphics related items. I worked closely with outside vendors and print houses.

Westwood Studios – Las Vegas, NV.
Lead Animator- 07/92 through 01/96

Westwood employed me for my diverse creative background to work on new game development for their first SNES title, Young Merlin. Along with being Lead Character Animator for that project, I also developed level maps and backgrounds. After Young Merlin, I became Lead Character Artist for Zanthia-Hand of Fate, Kyrandia Book II. I was responsible for setting her graphic style, designing her wardrobe and producing most of her animations. The last project that I worked on for Westwood was the LionKing for the SEGA and SNES platforms. On that project I was Lead Animator for all 400+ frames of animation. I was responsible for setting the style of Simbaª and all other enemies. Coordinating up to 28 artist and animators (which comprised of both in-house personnel and outside vendors) I worked closely with the Disney designers to complete animations on model and to their specifications. I Developed the animation positioning guidelines for Disney Studios and managing all other aspects of the animation production for the project. I also designed the game map for level two and created the background graphics………. I loved my job! Unfortunately, Westwood was starting to produce war games and the thought of making combat tanks for the next couple of years was not appealing to me. I accepted an employment offer, which took me back to my roots in slot machine graphics.

Bally Gaming – Las Vegas, NV.
Computer Artist- 01/91 through 07/92

I went to work for Bally’s just after they opened their new building on Bermuda Dr. in Las Vegas. While there, I was responsible for all 2D video art and animation. I also designed and produced final art for slot glass and other related items. It was a production job… what more can I say?

Rollins Sign Co. – Las Vegas, NV
Art Director/Freelance Artist – ’88 through ’95

I worked for Rollins for many years as both Art Director and a Freelance Artist. While working with Rollins I ran the computer department and created most of the one of a kind and themed prototype pieces. Including custom wood carved signs for the Mirage, hand painted pieces for the Tropicana, back lit airbrushed plex for the Horseshoe, painted faux finishes and murals in private homes, among other things. I directed a team of 4 artists on any given project. Rollins eventually relocated out of state and I expanded my freelance base.

Suburban Graphics – Las Vegas, NV.
Art Director / Freelance- 02/88 through ’89

In October of 1986 I sent Suburban a resumé; in December of 1987 they called me for an interview (not realizing that the letter was over a year old!) Suburban hired and relocated me to Las Vegas to run their Art Department. I managed a staff of ten artists, set up departmental procedures, created concepts & production art, and scheduled the design and production of final art for silk screen-printing. I also helped in the research and development of their first computer systems and training of the other artists. I worked closely with outside venders and clients, making sure that their needs  were met.

Advanced Graphics – Reno, NV.Art Director- ’83 though ’87

After working for Advanced as an artist for six months, I was promoted to Art Director and became responsible for the direction of a staff of three artists. Which included setting up departmental procedures and scheduling the design and production of final art for silk screen-printing. I was also responsible for giving graphics presentations, meeting with clients & vendors, and was the liaison between the graphics and printing departments. Three years later they sold the company to Mills-Jennings, closed their design department and I was laid off.

Software Programs

I have worked on and have personally owned both MAC and PC platforms. Along with experience on an SGI I have a fairly well rounded understanding of different operating systems. I traded a mural for my first computer in early 1987, when the only available graphics software for the PC was Dr. Halo. As for current graphic software packages, there are several programs that I use on a weekly or daily basis and have for several years. These programs I know very well. There are others that I use occasionally or have used extensively in the past and those I have a basic enough knowledge of to pick up quickly if needed. I
am not including in this list any data based software or word processors… though I use or have used almost all of them. I have not worked with any 3D programs for any length of time but do have an understanding, having gone through the tutorials and completing simple animations during a crunch.Working Knowledge– AfterEffects, PhotoShop, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Flash and a variety of plug-ins.
Basic Knowledge– Corel Draw, Fireworks, HTML, Director, Premier, Video Factory, Sound Forge, Cool Edit.
Understanding– 3D Studio MAX and its various plug-ins, Composer SGI, Softimage, Quark, PageMaker.

Education 1979 -1981

I started the Academy of Art on a scholarship when I graduated from high school at sixteen.  I then went to the University, also on a scholarship, for 2 years. I started working full-time in the advertising industry and never finished my degree. My college major was in Sculpture with an emphasis on Jewelry. Though my scholarships were received for my painting and drawing skills. All of my computer experience is self taught or learned on the job.
Academy of Art College, San Francisco – San Francisco, California
Courses studied: Sculpture, Graphic Arts
San Francisco State University – San Francisco, California
Courses studied: Sculpture, Jewelry, Painting and General Studies


I have completed training in workshops and classes dealing with Management Training, Communication, Speech and Presentation. I have had advanced training in various software packages including Photoshop. I have completed hands on animation training at the Disney Institute.

I sat on the Advisory Board of the Design Institute of Las Vegas.

And have received awards and recognition for my involvement with community arts projects.

Young Merlinª, The Legend of Kyrandia I and IIª, and Lands Of Loreª are trademarks of Westwood. The LionKingª is a trademark of Disney.

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