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fremont_logoFor 3 years, Cindy was the creative force behind the world’s largest video display known as The Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas. Heading up a team of artists and technical support staff, she oversaw the production of light and sound shows from concept to testing to premiere night!

Cindy and here team were the first to use 3D graphics to their potential on this unique canvas of light. Each show would take months to prepare the story, graphics and sound before it could be unveiled to the public. Weeks of testing were also involved to ensure the colors and sound levels were perfect.

Below is an overview of the display for those that aren’t familiar with it.

UITA_vaultSince opening in December 1995, the much-anticipated Fremont Street Experience has “turned up the wattage” in downtown Las Vegas every night with spectacular computer generated Light and Sound shows. The components of the Fremont Street Experience Light and Sound show constitute a modern technological and engineering marvel, the only one of its kind found anywhere in the world.

The space frame towers 90 feet above a four-block section of Fremont Street and serves as a display system for the shows. The canopy houses 2.1 million lights, capable of producing millions of color combinations and 540,000 watts of concert-quality sound. The shows are run by 36 computers and are accompanied by 218 speakers. In addition, the canopy houses 180 computer-programmed high-intensity strobe lights, 64 variable color lighting fixtures, and eight robotics mirrors per block that pan and tilt to reflect light, all of which aid in the miraculous display of each six minute Light and Sound show presentation.
The complex technology and special craftsmanship behind each show make the Fremont Street Experience a must-see, one-of-a-kind attraction in a city brimming with entertainment.

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Below is a compact version of the Show ‘Sting’.  This is one of the last shows we did for the FSE.
Try to imagine this movie on a screen that is four blocks long!

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