Cindy Chinn is known for her vibrant murals.  She has a keen eye for detail and loves to bring a canvas to life.  She works closely with her clients to provide a mural that fits their vision and budget.  Before starting, Cindy will provide complete sketches and reference material as well as establishing a schedule for completion.

Contact us today for any mural needs or questions.

Mural Samples (click any link below):
Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters – 17’x55′ Ceiling Mural
Mural for Dentist’s Office – 27’x24′ Ceiling Mural
Mural for Movie Theatre – 8’x10′ Wall Mural
Mural for Kids’ Play Room – Wall Mural on all 4 walls
Mural for a Dive Tank – 6’x10′ on inside of plastic diving tank
Mural for a Boy’s Bedroom – 4’x17′ Wall Mural
Mural for Girl’s Bedroom – 4’x15′ Wall Mural
Detailed Mural for Kitchen – 4’x3′ Installed board
Children’s Hospital Murals – 8’x4′ & 12’x4′ Wall Murals
Residential Mural with Columns – 30’x8′ Wall Mural
Residential Mural throughout the house – my first paid mural!
Residential Mural in Stairwell – 6’x6′ Wall Mural
Mural for Hardware Store – 4’x12′ Exterior Mural

Childrens Hospital Kings Daughters Mural