Bedroom Beach Mural – Boy’s Room

I was commissioned to paint two murals for two bedrooms.  The client has two children and was redecorating their rooms and decided to have murals painted to represent the time they spent with their grandmother in Florida.  What a fun project this turned out to be!

Boy's Bedroom Beach Mural

I talked to the son to find out what interested him, and used his answers to incorporate elements like surfing, palm trees and ‘a cool woody’ into the scene.  This was a 17′ x 52″ mural that I mounted on the wall above a wainscoting.  I also built a ‘beach shack’ to act as a canopy over the bed.  I sourced some netting and other seaside related items and put it all together.  The family loved it!

Here’s a gallery of images showing the mural in progress and installed.



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